Tesla software update 2022.40.1 improves Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, charging efficiency & more

Tesla recently rolled out software update 2022.40.1. The recent over-the-air (OTA) update introduced improvements to Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, charging, radio stations, and driver door unlock mode. Update 2022.40.1’s release notes are listed below.

Sentry Mode and Doge Mode now work in tandem. Tesla drivers can activate both modes at the same time. Sentry Mode alarms are silenced if it is activated with Dog Mode.

“Your vehicle and pets can be kept by activating Dog Mode and Sentry Mode at the same time. Sentry Mode alarms are silenced if Dog Mode and Sentry Mode are both enabled. Mobile app notifications will still be sent and video footage will still be saved,” stated the release notes.

In update 2022.40.1, Tesla improved the vehicle’s charging capabilities, resulting in faster charge times. The company also reduced energy costs with the update. Improved charging efficiencies might have also improved the vehicle’s range.

The release notes described the update as follows: “During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for each charging station’s power capability, improving charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency.”

Tesla drivers can now unlock all the doors and the trunk of their car by long pressing the interior driver door switch. Driver Door Unlock Mode is available for vehicles that didn’t have the feature before.

“To access Driver Door Unlock Mode, tap Controls > Lock > Driver Door Unlock Mode,” instructed the release notes.

One other update Tesla rolled out in 2022.40.1 are radio station logos. Now, Media Player displays the logos of radio stations.

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