Elon Musk on reports of Antifa wanting to burn down Tesla:

Elon Musk called a report on Antifa wanting to burn down Tesla “concerning.” The Tesla CEO responded to a Rebel News report on screenshots of calls to action. Andy Ngô, editor-at-large for the ThePost Millenial, shared screenshots of the calls to action by the now-suspended Twitter account @AshRedacted. The account posted links to Tesla locations and encouraged followers to add their own.

“Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!” one screenshot read with a photo of a burning Tesla. Ngô noted that the extremists wanted to get revenge on Elon Musk for suspending their accounts on Twitter.
The new Twitter CEO banned a pro-Palestinian terrorist group that actively promoted and celebrated violence against Jews. The account, Ian Miles Cheong noted, has been active since 2021.

Cheong added that he hoped more could be done to crack down on the violence, and Elon Musk agreed that the violence was “not okay.” In another response to Ngô, Elon Musk said, “Incitement to violence will result in account suspension.”

Ngô then asked for advice on reporting the violations. “I’ve been reporting on specific accounts for years & pretty much all of them remain. Last year, Antifa used Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me after I ran into a hotel following a violent street beating.”

“That is a disturbing story and very concerning that Twitter took no action, despite a clear violation of ToS. Report in this thread for now,” the new Twitter CEO responded. Following Elon Musk’s invitation for users to report in that thread, several Twitter users shared screenshots, advice, and calls to action.
Elon Musk has been cracking down on hate speech on Twitter and recently announced that hate speech is down one-third from pre-spike levels.


It was brought to our attention by Bonnie Norman that a report from Seth Abramson found that Neo-nazis are launching a nationwide campaign to leverage Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter to deplatform the American Left.
In his report, Abramson states that according to a cursory review of the neo-Nazis’ campaign, what they want Elon Musk to do is rid Twitter of its influential Black, Jewish, pro-labor, female, and LGBTQIA+ users as well as the Democratic politicians representing the interests of those groups. Abramson pointed to a list of targeted individuals that includes former U.S. President Barack Obama and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The ACLU, to which Elon Musk is a top donor to, was also included on that list.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.

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