Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is operating normally as China tries to prevent Covid-19

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai is currently operating normally as China tries to prevent the spread of Covid-19 amid high infection rates. Although the factory is operating normally, the new prevention methods are impacting employees.

WuWa, whose YouTube channel documents the daily activities at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai, shared details on the prevention methods and how it’s affecting Tesla and its employees who are unable to work normally.
“China’s epidemic prevention has been upgraded again. Starting from the 26th, Tesla’s Shanghai factory has undergone nucleic acid testing from once every two days to once a day before entering the factory. At present, employees are blocked at home and unable to work normally,” WuWa tweeted.
“As a side note, the factory is still operating normally, and the employees who are under home confinement are unable to work normally, and their work is replaced by employees who are not under confinement on another shift.”

When asked if Tesla’s employees were sleeping at the factory, WuWa said no. “It’s just that some of the communities where the employees live have taken a clearing blockade, and the community blockade only affects the number of factory employees who normally arrive at work and need to be reallocated for the current impact on the factory.
Wuwa also added that Shanghai Disney reopened on Friday but noted that the future was still uncertain. “It is unlikely that the city of Shanghai will be closed, but community closures occur frequently, which will affect the normal work and life of citizens and also affect enterprises.”

The nation reported another record of high Covid-19 infections and imposed localized lockdowns in many cities. Reuters reported that the mass testing and other prevention methods are causing a bit of frustration and casting a bit of darkness on China’s economy.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.


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