Grünheide reps initiate development plan for east expansion of Tesla’s Giga Berlin

Tesla may soon be able to expand Giga Berlin. Grünheide officials met on Thursday and agreed to initiate a development plan for a possible east expansion of Giga Berlin. Twitter user @Gigafactory_4, who documents and provides information about Giga Berlin, shared a screenshot from the meeting.
On Thursday, the German outlet Stern reported that the Grünheide municipal council cleared the way for the Tesla expansion with a 12 to 6 vote and one abstention. Tesla will be allowed to purchase an area of over 100 hectares of forest and build on the site. The city noted that Tesla plans to build a logistic area, a service center for customers, a company daycare center, and training rooms on the site.
After the vote took place and Tesla was given the greenlight, the Ecological Democratic Party wasn’t too happy and criticized the lack of citizen participation. An application for a citzen survey was made and rejected by the community representatives, according to Manu Hoyer from the Grünheide citizens’ initiative.

Thomas Löb, the state chief of the organization said that there shouldn’t be an expansion of the factory. “Tesla has already sealed enough areas and destroyed forests – there must be no expansion of the Gigafactory,” he said.
In October, Teslarati reported that Tesla was planning to expand Giga Berlin by 70 hectares. We also reported that Tesla was set to submit its documents for the expansion by the end of 2022.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.

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