Tesla Cybertruck front castings spotted, production is closer than ever

Tesla Cybertruck front castings have been spotted at Giga Texas, showing just how close production is for the highly anticipated vehicle.

The wait for the Tesla Cybertruck has been long and sometimes annoying, but now the truck’s arrival is just around the corner. As revealed earlier this quarter, the Cybertruck is set for a public launch event in Q3 of this year, and ahead of this event, Tesla has already begun pilot production. Today, front castings for the truck have been spotted at Tesla Giga Texas, showing just how close mass production is.
The Cybertruck front castings were first spotted by Joe Tegtmeyer, who subsequently published the images on Twitter. The images were quickly confirmed to be Cybertruck pieces thanks to a careful investigation by fans on the Cybertruck Forum.
Upon initial inspection, the front castings appear similar to those used on the Tesla Model Y, but with a much larger and more angular structure, they are unmistakably Cybertruck components. Moreover, the conspicuous “C” labeling of each of them hints at their use on the Cybertruck.
Besides hinting at Cybertruck production, the appearance of front castings is particularly great news because it indicates Tesla may have begun production using its well-known Giga Press, which it has recently received at the Giga Texas facility.

More hints at looming production have been seen in recent weeks as well. Besides the flood of spottings in California, specifically on the Tesla test track, the Cybertruck has also been seen on public roads in Texas. Further, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have begun to broaden the Cybertruck’s public appearances, making it the star of the show at the automaker’s lithium refinery unveiling and its Investor Day event earlier this year.

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