Starlink nears production facility completion, poised to drive subscriber growth

The upcoming Starlink production facility in Bastrop, Texas, is nearing construction completion, which could become a sales growth driver shortly.
Until recently, Starlink’s biggest problem has been profitability, but with a growing subscriber base and a growing stream of revenue, profit concerns have subsided slightly. Now, the satellite internet provider is pivoting toward focusing on production, and with its first massive production facility coming online in short order, those concerns will also be addressed shortly as well.
A video showing the incredible construction progress on the upcoming SpaceX Starlink facility was published on Youtube this weekend by Joe Tegtmeyer. The video highlights the all-new building, which is nearly complete, and construction occurring across the street at an associated Boring Company facility.
As seen in the video and mentioned above, the external construction of the Starlink facility is nearly complete, leaving only minor construction projects, such as the parking lot and exterior lighting, remaining. This has allowed construction to increasingly focus on the interior of the building, which is also coming together in short order.
For those unaware, the upcoming facility will produce Starlink receivers and other “consumer-facing devices,” according to job postings from SpaceX. It remains unclear when production will begin, though with consumer demand for the internet service growing by the day, the sooner Starlink can deliver, the better.

Besides its growing number of customers, SpaceX’s internet project has also been introducing an ever increasing number of services and hardware over the past year. Easily the most important has been the next generation of Starlink satellites that make up the company’s “constellation,” increasing internet speeds, dependability, and overall capacity for the rapidly growing provider.

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