Tesla Model 3 RWD Long Range inventory units observed in Germany

Last month, electric vehicle enthusiasts in Europe were pleasantly surprised to see that the Model 3’s Long Range RWD version, arguably the most bang-for-the-buck variant of the all-electric sedan, was back. However, the vehicle was only available for fleet customers.

Based on recent observations from Tesla advocates in Germany, this no longer seems to be the case. Over the weekend, EV enthusiasts from Germany, such as @tesla_adri, shared images of Model 3 Long Range RWD that were listed among the country’s inventory units. The same observation was reported by users in other countries, such as France.
A look at screenshots of the inventory Model 3 LR RWD vehicles suggests that the all-electric sedans cost 46,970 euros in Germany, which is quite a great deal considering that the vehicle is listed with a WLTP range of 620 km (385 miles). While the Model 3 LR RWD does not have supercar-beating performance like the Model 3 Performance, it is still quick with its 0-100 km/h time of 5.9 seconds.

Considering that Germany imports its Model 3 units, it would not be surprising if Long Range RWD variants of the all-electric sedan are offered to other countries as well. The variant may actually help boost demand for the Model 3, as it offers maximum range at a relatively affordable price. This was likely one of the reasons why Tesla started its Model 3 deliveries with the Long Range RWD variant when the vehicle was initially released, which proved popular until the company introduced the vehicle’s Dual Motor Long Range and Performance versions.
The practicality of the Model 3 LR RWD was highlighted by Karen Bowen, Senior Key Account Manager at Tesla, in a post on LinkedIn. The post was shared on the social media platform as Tesla launched the Model 3 LR RWD to fleet customers in the UK.

“To accelerate the electrification of Europe’s B2B fleet, we are introducing a new Model 3 variant that caters to the needs of our commercial customers. Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive combines a segment-leading range of 394 miles (WLTP) with the highest charging convenience, at an entry-level price point from £46,990.
“Its long-range capabilities combined with access to Tesla’s Supercharger network provide peace of mind for the most intensive and demanding fleet users. Its high-efficiency powertrain delivers best-in-class range while still providing quick acceleration and a comfortable smooth ride,” the executive wrote.

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