DESLE Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Door Seal Kit.Wind Noise Reduction


DESLE Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Door Seal Kit,Strip Weather Stripping Wind Noise Reduction Kit Weather Draft Seal Strip

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The weather stripping reduces noise as much as possible, while traveling, high-speed, road driving etc. Even reduces wind noise around your door

Water and dust will flow into the door gap in deep rainy days. DESLE Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit can block water and dust well into the door gap

After installing, when close the door, comes with premium sound instead of a solid soundApplication note

Step 1: Clean your model 3 door edge

Step 2: Direct replacement tape, you just need to push the stripping foam on the rubber sealant above the installed place.No Hassle Assemble: no adhesion promoter requiredPremium Material: EPDM rubber-Heat resistant, aging resistant-Good sealing effect and flexibility, lower voices, the role of dust

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