DESLE Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Phone Mount.Model 3 Phone Holder


DESLE Tesla Model 3 Model Y Phone Mount, Phone Holder for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla Model 3 Accessories, Tesla Model 3 Phone Holder, Tesla Model Y Phone Holder.

  • [Product]: DESLE Tesla Model 3 and Model Y phone holder & glasses pocket.
  • [Applicable]: The mobile phone holder is suitable for Model 3 and Model Y, fixed on the central control screen.
  • [Usage]: The mobile phone holder can be installed on the left or right, with a 360 °rotation function. The glasses pocket on the back can store glasses, coins, bank cards, banknotes, pens, etc.
  • [Features]: The phone holder is made of elastic silicone. When the car is driving, it will not make noises due to arm vibration like other mechanical mobile phone holders on the market. Will not disturb passengers resting in the car, such as family members, babies, etc.
  • [Packing List]: 1 * classical phone holder, 1 * glasses pocket, 1* base