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Tesla lithium supplier Livent Corp. considers Canadian expansion

According to Reuters, Livent Corp. is considering expanding into Canada after the company invested in a massive joint venture mine in Quebec. The Nemaska Lithium Project in Quebec is set to open in 2025 and could produce as much as 100,000 tons of lithium annually. Livent Corp. clarified that this is far from the only […]

Tesla shows off new Megapack production facility in California

Tesla has a new Megapack production facility in Lathrop, California, and via a post shared on Instagram, the company shared some impressive statistics. In the post shared on Instagram, Tesla shows off the production of the Megapack already occurring at the facility. The new manufacturing area is located just outside of San Francisco, California. When […]

Tesla Cybertruck prototype charge port features “Cyber-fied” lighted T logo

The original Tesla Cybertruck prototype unveiled back in late 2019 was so radical and filled to the brim with unique features that it was easy to miss some of the all-electric pickup truck’s more subtle components. These include the Cybertruck prototype charge port, which was showcased recently when the vehicle was featured at the Petersen […]

Tesla shares rare look at Optimus team’s work on humanoid robot actuators

Tesla has shared a pretty rare look at its Optimus team’s work in a new video. The clip, which featured interviews with the Optimus team and footage of the humanoid robot’s custom actuators, hinted at the serious work that the electric vehicle maker has been doing for its ambitious project. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has […]

Tesla Bot shows its power in fascinating — and frightening — fashion

Tesla recently displayed the power and prowess of the Tesla Bot’s primary leg actuators in a video as it lifted a half-ton grand piano without any issues. The display is both fascinating and frightening as the Tesla Bot project continues to move forward. Tesla shared the video earlier this week, showing the capabilities of the […]

Trafficking survivor has a hard question for Twitter advertisers pausing ads over Elon Musk acquisition

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has finally come to a close, and as he takes charge of the platform, some advertisers aren’t too happy. Citing his love for humanity, Elon Musk wrote a letter to Twitter’s advertisers emphasizing the importance of ad relevancy on Thursday. On Friday, General Motors paused its Twitter ad spending once […]

European spacecraft converge on the US for rides on SpaceX rockets

Thanks in large part to delays suffered by Arianespace’s next-generation Ariane 6 rocket, a small fleet of European satellites are simultaneously converging on the United States to hitch rides into orbit with SpaceX. SpaceX launching European payloads is nothing new. The company has occasionally launched spacecraft built in Europe for European space agencies or companies, […]

Top 10 questions Tesla investors want answered in the Q3 2022 earnings call

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is holding its third-quarter earnings call after markets close tomorrow, October 19, 2022. As in previous quarters, Tesla investors have voted for the top questions that they want the company’s executives to answer at the upcoming Q3 2022 earnings call. As noted by Say, the questions that Tesla investors have submitted for the […]