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Tesla Cybertruck front castings spotted, production is closer than ever

Tesla Cybertruck front castings have been spotted at Giga Texas, showing just how close production is for the highly anticipated vehicle. The wait for the Tesla Cybertruck has been long and sometimes annoying, but now the truck’s arrival is just around the corner. As revealed earlier this quarter, the Cybertruck is set for a public […]

Tesla lithium supplier Livent Corp. considers Canadian expansion

According to Reuters, Livent Corp. is considering expanding into Canada after the company invested in a massive joint venture mine in Quebec. The Nemaska Lithium Project in Quebec is set to open in 2025 and could produce as much as 100,000 tons of lithium annually. Livent Corp. clarified that this is far from the only […]

Tesla shows off new Megapack production facility in California

Tesla has a new Megapack production facility in Lathrop, California, and via a post shared on Instagram, the company shared some impressive statistics. In the post shared on Instagram, Tesla shows off the production of the Megapack already occurring at the facility. The new manufacturing area is located just outside of San Francisco, California. When […]

Tesla Cybertruck prototype charge port features “Cyber-fied” lighted T logo

The original Tesla Cybertruck prototype unveiled back in late 2019 was so radical and filled to the brim with unique features that it was easy to miss some of the all-electric pickup truck’s more subtle components. These include the Cybertruck prototype charge port, which was showcased recently when the vehicle was featured at the Petersen […]

Tesla shares rare look at Optimus team’s work on humanoid robot actuators

Tesla has shared a pretty rare look at its Optimus team’s work in a new video. The clip, which featured interviews with the Optimus team and footage of the humanoid robot’s custom actuators, hinted at the serious work that the electric vehicle maker has been doing for its ambitious project. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has […]

Tesla displays its rarest vehicles in new Petersen exhibit

Tesla is set to display some of the rarest and historic vehicles it developed in a new exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. After announcing a new “Inside Tesla” exhibit that highlights the company’s groundbreaking trek into electric vehicles, the Museum has finally released details on which of the automaker’s cars would […]