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Tesla direct to consumer sales bleed dealers of profit in California

A new report finds that Tesla accounted for roughly $700,000 in lost gross profit per dealer in California during 2022. One of the most substantial hurdles facing traditional automakers currently is their sales systems. Reliant on the dealership model, Tesla has proved that legacy automakers are less profitable and slower to react to market trends. […]

Tesla increases December’s unexpected discount of U.S.

On December 1st, Tesla unexpectedly discounted inventory of Model 3 and Y vehicles by $3,750 for customers willing to purchase Models 3s and Ys that were already in inventory by the end of the year. That discount has gone up to $7,500 and includes 10,000 free Supercharging miles. Twitter user @Wang_made initially shared the news […]

Tesla Megapack battery is sold out until Q3 2024

While Tesla’s battery storage business does not attract as many headlines as the company’s electric cars, products like the Megapack are gaining ground. A hint of this could be seen in Tesla’s official site for the flagship commercial-grade battery storage system, which now lists Q3 2024 as the earliest estimated delivery date for new Megapack […]

Jack Dorsey, David Sacks, former Twitter exec favored to replace Musk as CEO

Earlier this week, Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter asking users of the social media platform if he should step down as the company’s CEO. The poll ended with 17,502,391 votes being cast, 57.5% of which were in favor of Musk stepping down as Twitter’s chief executive. Later comments from Musk indicated that while […]

Grünheide reps initiate development plan for east expansion of Tesla’s Giga Berlin

Tesla may soon be able to expand Giga Berlin. Grünheide officials met on Thursday and agreed to initiate a development plan for a possible east expansion of Giga Berlin. Twitter user @Gigafactory_4, who documents and provides information about Giga Berlin, shared a screenshot from the meeting. On Thursday, the German outlet Stern reported that the […]

Tesla scores highest brand intimacy rating for auto companies in 2022

Tesla scored a high brand intimacy rating in the MBLM 2022 report. MBLM researched 600 of the world’s leading brands, and Tesla placed second, right behind Disney. Tesla scored a 67.4 brand intimacy rating, closing following Disney’s score of 68.1. The Elon Musk-led EV maker was the highest-ranking automotive brand in MBLM’s 2022 report. Mercedes-Benz […]

Tesla starts laying the foundation for the Semi in Canada

Tesla submitted some proposals for Canada’s 2023 Federal Budget that may lay the foundation for the arrival of the Semi in Canada. Tesla’s proposals were submitted as part of Canada’s pre-budget consultations before the government’s 2023 budget is finalized. Tesla sent its proposals in a letter addressed to Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and […]

More details of Tesla China’s claimed Model Y production cuts get released

Reports about Giga Shanghai’s alleged production cuts this December have continued to come out, with recent claims suggesting that Model Y production will be halted at the China-based plant in the last week of December. The information was reportedly outlined in an internal memo that detailed Tesla China’s latest production plans. Tesla China has been […]

Tesla unexpectedly discounts Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S

Tesla has now discounted the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y by $3,750 if customers are willing to meet a few conditions. As the end of the year and the end of Q4 approaches, Tesla is working hard to achieve ever-higher sales numbers. Now, the company has decided to discount Tesla Model 3s and Ys […]

Tesla Semi First Delivery News Roundup [Live Coverage]

Tesla just kicked off the Semi’s first delivery event! It took some time, but the Tesla Semi is officially hitting the road. Teslarati will be closely covering the Tesla Semi first delivery event so stay tuned. If you didn’t get an invite, you can still join the festivities online. The link to the Tesla Semi’s […]